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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

My my it's been a while hasn't it and I swear every time I post I say how I'm going to post more and be better haha! I won't waste your eye energy writing that for you to read! Well not much because I have had the biggest kick up the bum motivating thing happen when it comes to my blog actually and that is what this post is about!

So about a year I contact The Vegan Kind, or they contacted me... I can't remember... Anyway! We spoke about a potential feature in one of them boxes for a homemade beauty tip which is right up my street, all about saving money, saving animals and resources etc etc etc... So I sent in a little write up of a homemade beauty tip but I didn't hear anything for a while and forgot about it, a year later here we are and my face is on their insert for April's beauty box!!! Say whaaaaaat?!?!?!

Yes that photo was taken in my car outside the Post Office because I couldn't wait until I got home to see it!! Don't judge me...or the mess in my car!

This little achievement has inspired me so much that I have so much content i want to write about I just need to prioritise my time and make time to chill out like I am now and just write my thoughts!

Anyway I thought I would show you what was in this month's beauty box! And if you want to find out more about The Vegan Kind follow this link as they do a lot more than just a beauty box!

So in the box we have:

Skin Radiance Retinol Moisturiser Cream with Vitamin C &. Hyaluronic Acid 50ml (RRP £14.99)

I've not heard of this company before so looking forward to trying this, I think I'll use this before bed tonight actually! I just love the fact you get full sized products like this in this subscription box! Well I assume this is full sized as it's going to last me for ages! Ill update what this is like soon!

Official B. Fan Brush (RRP £6.99)

Again I've not heard of this brand either so it's good to find out more random vegan brands, also I don't have a fan brush, well I do now!

PHB Superfood 2-in-1 Face&. Eye Serum with Vitamin C &. Kojic Acid Sample (RRP £1.20)

Oh PHB, my favourite brand in the world to be honest, literally all of my go to everyday make up is PHB so is my daily moisturiser! Literally love them and of course I already have a full sized version of this stuff which is of course lovely! 

CODE Beautiful SSL (soft, smooth lip liner) (RRP £18.00)

Not heard of these guys either, where have I been! Like i said above I use PHB all the time so I just forget to look for new stuff!! Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, if I start looking I'll end up purchasing things I do not need and cannot afford haha!! I've already drawn a line on my had with this lip liner and I will admit I'm impressed, good colour and well it's still on my hand and has been for a good couple of hours so far!

BYBI Beauty Prime Time Facial Polish 60ml (RRP £24.00)

Another new brand to me, love it! Also needed a new primer so really looking forward to trying this, this is why I love subscription boxes! You find new brands, try products you might not necessarily have bought yourself! 

SHOBU Indulgence Bath Bomb for the Shower (RRP £3.00)

This sounds really cool and I can't wait to use it, probably will before work tomorrow actually! Hmmmm or do I use it before bed in a minute.... Tempting, very tempting! This is a really great idea for those that don't have a bath where they live!

And that's everything so thank you for reading, time for me to maybe use this shower bath bomb thingy!! Don't think I can wait until the morning!!

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