Snow in Spring

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ughhhh when will it end! We get over this "beast from the east" and the sun starts shining, daffodils start growing and then BAM! Mini beast from the east!

This damn snow has resulted in two half marathons I signed up for being cancelled too!

Today I made the most of the snow and went out this morning nice and early to get some photos, I haven’t been out in forever to do some photography! I love it but just always end up either forgetting my camera or simply not having time! It’s time to make time!

I don't hate snow… I hate the cold, I could happily be on a beach in Greece in July and appreciate some snowfall but not here in the UK, it’s already cold and wet most of the time!

I am hoping that all this snow we’ve had from Siberia means we will be getting some crazy heatwave from India in the summer??

Anyway here are some photos I got today when walking around the local park, also there are a few of my princess Bella!

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