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Friday, March 02, 2018
What a week! It’s literally felt like the longest week ever and all I’ve done is go to work I think… oh wait and kettlebells class on Tuesday… my abs and bum cheeks are still aching from this actually!

And what is with this weather! Storm Emma has really hit the UK! I like snow for a couple days but man I’m not liking the wind chill that’s come along with it at all, it’s so cold it actually burns haha! 

The past couple of days I’ve actually wore a bobble hat out and I can assure you I am not a hat wearing person!

Yesterday I walked to a local café for some dinner and after words I was just frozen to the bone I had to have a bath and what better time to try some Bath Bombs a friend made and gave to me for my birthday!

Lizzie who I met at Trika yoga (i.e. heaven on earth) when I attended one of her classes has a little Etsy shop full of weird, wonderful and cute bits and bobs such as bath bombs obviously, jewellery and woolly things. 

Her shop is MadeByLizzieWithLove.

Obviously for me to go anywhere near these bad boys they had to be vegan and cruelty free which of course they are! Another reason I was dying to use them last night other than being cold is for the Epsom salts, I can’t tell you how much my bum cheeks hurt from me class!

The bath bomb was in the shape of a cute little shell and smelt amazing before even going in the water and it literally spread throughout the house when it was plopped in the hot bath water which is just what I needed after work and driving in the snow! A massive relaxation session! I went all out too and lit my candles!

Obviously it goes without saying that it was an amazing bath but the best part is all the essential oils in the bath bomb!! I got out of that bath glowing and moisturised to the max which is what I needed so badly with this cold weather, does anyone else get a really itchy back in the winter where your skin is so dry? Just me I expect…

What more can I say, I loved them and will probably end up buying more every time I go to yoga!!

Thank you for reading and if you want to check out all the beautiful things Liz makes then follow the link below:

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