My Top 5 Apps For Vegans

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Sunday, October 01, 2017

Check me out trying to be creative with my post photo haha!... not that great is it but I wanted something appropriate and I can't ever bring myself to use stock photos...

Anyway this post is going to be a little different to my usual reviews and recipes, I want to tell you my top 5 apps I have on my phone that help me with living a vegan lifestyle... 

Some are the boring usuals that we probably have and use but I'm not going to list loads of random apps just to make this more vegan orientated... lets be realistic here and only use the good stuff! There are a couple that are different and especially useful!

So I'll start in reverse order and save the "bests" for last :)

5 - Twitter

Like I said, there will be some boring ones haha! But the reason Twitter is in my list is because it's a great way to socialise with other vegans and interact with vegan lifestyle bloggers.

There are also hashtag hours, for example #veganhour is a great way to meet other vegans as well as brands who also get involved and sometimes do giveaways... I've won once before wooohoo!

4 - Instagram

Kind of the same as twitter with the fact you can socialise with other vegans and bloggers but I like to use it for food inspiration.

I also follow the likes of Peta so I do like to tag my non vegan friends in some gruesome pictures of the reality of the meat and dairy industry...

3 - Pinterest

Pinterest again is good for inspiration but more importantly it has a lot of recipes, whenever I am struggling with what to have to eat I also refer to Pinterest for a recipe.

You can store all of your faves and "to makes" in there own folder.

2 - Happy Cow

Now for the more interesting apps, Happy cow is literally the only app I think I've ever paid for, it's only £3.99 but still, I never buy apps...

Happy cow is used to find places to eat that have vegan options, you can add places yourself and leave reviews and photos. It's great if you're away and have no idea where you can eat out.

Or if you're like me you can use it in your hometown you've lived all your life because you're useless haha!

1 - Spoon Guru

Quite possibly the best find ever, and it's free!

I discovered this app after reading about it in VeganLife Mag.

The app itself is basically a bar code scanner, you chose your diet preference and then scan away. It from what I've seen works on all branded products but not yet on all supermarket own branded products.

I use it all the time because I seriously can't remember all the E numbers and weird chemicals I can't eat.

So this has been my top 5 apps for vegans, I hope you found this somewhat useful and if there are any apps you guys swear by I would love to know all about them!!
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