4 Days of Ilfracombe

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Back to reality...lets try and remember it could be worse...

So the Saturday gone to Tuesday I have been enjoying life in Ilfracombe, this consisted of eating lots of chips and playing pac-man bingo...

The holiday started with us having to take my car which Ollie wasn't best pleased about, the clutch on his went the day before... Not too sure why he hates my car so much, can you get any cooler that a black 4x4??... 

Maybe it's crap I have hanging inside and the vegan stickers on the back...

The day before going I actually had a x-ray on my foot because I managed to hurt it that bad at the Bristol Half Marathon the doctor thought I might have fractured (i hadn't, I'm a pussy) it so walking about in Ilfracombe was killer... it did get better but I was hurting most days after a while...yes I'm a wimp clearly!

Gutted really as I love walking, it's one of those things that shows your getting old... you love walking, home decor shops and growing your own herbs... LOL!

I still walked a lot though even though I was advised not to, hardcore I know!

Ilfracombe is very pretty and as we were there kind of out of season it was nice and quiet there too...I like quiet.

We went away for Ollie's birthday...29...getting very close to the big three ohhhh...

I spent a lot of time there playing on the pac-man bingo... Usually I am a serious 2p-er but these bingo games get me really going haha! But the pac-man one!! Woah... I did win a fair but but must have lost about £20... I have no shame admitting this, totally worth it!

As well as seriously abusing my bank account at the arcades we ate a lot too! Mainly chips for me as vegan eating most places isn't the easiest unless you venture to specific restaurants but most places were good to me and they have a Wetherspoons so I had a couple of avocado bagels baby!!

The best place we ate (to me) was in Barnstaple which isn't too far away from Ilfracombe, we went there for one of the days to look about and do some shopping.

We had lunch at the cutest cafe ever called Purity Petal, I think they only opened that week or the week before but it's owned by a 19 year old woman and her mum... Fair play, so jealous of this, makes me really question my life choices to be honest haha!

Food was yummy and they were lovely people, pics are below of the place!

It sucks to be home and the fact I am back at work next week kills my soul! Can't wait for the next trip!

Thanks for reading and here are some more photos! :-)

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