2017 Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Yay! This is literally my favourite thing about my hometown Bristol!

Every year in August is the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, if you haven't been before and you're in the UK, go! Just do it! Take a nice little motorway drive and do it! Outside the UK...fuck it, get on a plane and visit!

If you want to find out more about it click the link below:

This year the weather wasn't great but the Saturday and Sunday the weather was ok and the mass ascend in the morning went ahead, unfortunately the evening ones didn't.

I went down on the Saturday, forced my friend to walk from mine to the centre to then catch the shuttle bus, fair play to First because we weren't waiting around for ages, I hate buses so for it go smoothly was very good for my sanity...

So as always it was pretty busy but that's a good thing if you ask me, shows how good it is... 

Later in the evening it did get busier though, like the busiest I've ever seen it and I've been coming as long as I can remember.

The queues were painful later in the day not going to lie but heyyyy... We can all do with less alcohol and putting the fork down now and then hahaha!

The toilet queues got bad too... I went in a bush.... hmmmm

A tradition for me and my friend when we go here is to get a few Pimms, yummy!

There is so much to do here, we arrived about 3pm and left at 10pm and in that time we looked at the hundreds of stands, the rides and things where you win really big horrible stuffed animals. 

We got some food and drinks and chilled in the sun listening to the music, they had live bands there so it was nice to relax listening to Kings of Leon and Bon Jovi covers whilst chatting crap and people watching.

I was worried there would be no food for me and I would starve to death but there were a few options, I went with pizza which as you can see below looks amazing! 

It tasted amazing too! Thank you New York Street Food UK for this! After the piece below I came back for 2 more slices and some fries haha! 

I get hungry...often...

Umm a lot of time was also spent walking around finding somewhere to sit for the night glow, in all the years being here I have never seen it, it's normally on a Thursday or Sunday which just isn't good for me...

However this year it was on the Saturday!

Once we got our seat with a decent view we chilled here for an hour and a bit patiently waiting.

Let me say it was well worth the wait, it was amazing. Can't imagine how long it takes the balloon owners to choreograph the routines for all the songs...

It also went on longer than I though, nothing worse than waiting ages for something and then it's over in 5 mins, this was a good half an hour or so I think.

During the performance they did what I can only assume was a tribute to Linkin Park's Chester Bennington... Loved it, proper goosebump moment! Well done guys!!

After this we went home... What a lovely day!

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