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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Ohhhh make up! We all love a good lipstick don't we! Even better when it's vegan, cruelty free, bee-free, gluten free and chemical free!

This lipstick is from Lippy Girl which is actually a Canadian make up company who do a number of different vegan/cruelty free products, they can be purchased over here in UK from sites such as Botanical Brands.

I was speaking to a friend earlier about how we both hate unnecessarily long product reviews, she was trying to find out about a certain foundation and the video she was watching just went on and on... This is why my reviews are short and snappy, no one cares about your day they just want to know if the bloody stuff is good! Anyway before I end up contradicting what I'm preaching....

So I have the lipstick in the shade Rosie Posie, I love the name! It's so cute and they all have funky names.  They come in a variety of different shades with a couple of pinks, reds and even some purples too, I went with this shade as it's kind of like a darker natural shade, if that makes any sense!

The packaging is sweet and simple, cute pink box and a sophisticated simple black tube...what more do you need, it's a lipstick after all not a centerpiece haha!

The lipstick itself is quite matte so it definitely has that natural look, it's also soft so easy to apply, I would say it lasts a couple of hours before you have to touch up which I don't mind... I find long wearing lipsticks really dry and uncomfortable to wear, this stuff because it's made of oils it feels moisturising like a lip balm.

The only thing I will say as it is made of oils and is so soft, I wouldn't leave it in the car on a hot day...

Overall I'd recommend this lipstick if you're after a natural moisturising and of course vegan friendly lipstick, it's pretty inexpensive and everyone loves a new addition to their make up bag!

If you're interested in getting your hands on this lipstick of finding out a little more check out Botanical Brands by clicking HERE.

 *free sample but opinions are my own
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