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Monday, May 01, 2017

I'm always on a mission to find new and exciting vegan snacks and treats, I also like to share my findings and thoughts in the hope that everyone will become vegan and buy everything I recommended!

The snack I want to rant and rave about today are Hoots.

Hoots aren't full of crap like most things, they don't use use artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or MSG they are basically a healthier alternative to traditional potato crisps and are obviously suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

They currently come in 5 different flavours:

Salt & Viegar
Smoked Bacon
Salt & Pepper
Cheese & Onion
Pickled Onion

I personally loved all the flavours but probably most of all the "bacon" ones, obviously these aren't really made from bacon and neither do the cheese ones use actual cheese but if you're not a veggie you would't know.

You can eat them a number of different ways... On their own or with a dip, I became addicted to having them simply with hummus...everyday I had a bag with hummus! 

I also saw online a few people have made cute little canape food with them which is a great idea for party food!

They can be purchased at a number of store online and in store, if you haven't tried them yet you need to because they are seriously so yummy!

For more information check out their website below:

 *free sample but opinions are my own
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