Wow, where do I even begin to start with this day other than by saying it was amazing! And also thank you to Wenda and her Partner for not only providing sanctuary to these gorgeous animals but also for holding open days where a select lucky few can experience Hugletts!

I think it's most vegan's dream to hug a cow let alone hug loads of them and spend hours in their presence.

So 7am we left from Bristol for our 3 and half hour drive to make sure we were there for our 11am cow walk.

No idea how we made it on time after getting lost a couple of times, but luckily we did!

When waiting for the cow walk we said hello to some beautiful cows who's tongues literally wrapped around my whole forearm haha, it was then I realise I was a few meters away from Crumb Hobden... 

I did get a few weird looks when I was like "OMG IT'S CRUMB!"... Number one fan and I have no shame!

On the cow walk we first left the city life and entered cow world, so no more hustle and bustle...time for quiet and solitude.

First of all we said hello to Bruce who is leader of the herd, and well...what a lovely guy... 

Once we had his blessing we could then say hi to the rest of the herd.

It was so quiet and peaceful, I could have easily laid in the field all day with the cows but as we only had 45 minutes I made sure I went around and said allow to every one.

Now is where I'm going to struggle, I have no idea how to explain what it was like to just chill out with these guys and actually hug what I guess is 2 tonnes worth of cow... It's amazing.

I am hoping the pictures do more justice than my writing does...

After the cow walk we then grabbed some food, we just grabbed a cupcake each, after stuffing our face on the drive down we weren't really that hungry.

My cupcake was very yummy, it was made by Craving Cake.

There was loads of lovely vegan options available... I don't think everyone was vegan there but it was nice that they had no choice but to eat vegan food mwahaha!

As well food there was also a raffle and a stand with memorabilia and other bits and bobs.

After our cuppy cakes we then went to see the lambs, quite possibly the fluffiest things I've ever felt! 

We decided there was too many people around for us to take Yogi home with us...unfortunately!

It was about 2pm at this time so we had to make a move to make sure we didn't get back to Bristol too late, it sucked to leave early but we had an amazing day... I want to say a once in a lifetime day but I know for a fact that will not be my last time visiting hugletts! It can't be!

I hope the rest of the pictures do the day justice, because it was incredible... "Best Day Ever"

You'll be able to see from the final picture just how happy this day made me haha!

Again thank you Wenda for everything you do for these animals, it's inspiring, so inspiring me and my friend spent the whole trip home (in-between singing to the radio) planning how we can open a sanctuary here in Bristol!

If you want to find out more about Hugletts or make a donation to help them with all the wonderful things they do follow the link below.

So this post isn't going to be quite how I'd planned it... I'd booked tickets for this a while ago and couldn't wait to go!

I was going to take my "actual" camera and we were going to have a few drinks and watch the music and generally have an awesome time like everyone else.

Unfortunately one of my bunnies got very sick the day before, we took her to the vets Saturday morning and left her there for them to treat her for whatever was wrong. 

I had a phone call when at vegfest basically saying I don't have much choice other than to send her to sleep... So I was already pretty down at the festival and this news meant I just wanted to go home right away... so I pretty much did... 

I plan to do a little post about her soon to explain the full story and also share some happy stories about her too!

Anyway, I just thought I'd get that out there before you think jeez these are some crap pictures and what a sh!t post! 

Putting aside my own person problems the festival itself was epic, I haven't ever been before in all the 15 years or whatever it is it's been to Bristol and I'm seriously regretting that now it's been announced it will be the last one.

There was so much there, much more than I'd anticipated, I thought a few stands but there was loads of stalls, loads of different brands and food stalls! Basically everything a vegan could wish for and more!

Like I said I didn't hang around too long, I made sure I saw every stand and that was it...oh and obviously grabbed a Booja Booja ice cream!

From what I have seen online the music looked great and gutted I didn't get to stuff my face and chill to some music.

As well as a well deserved ice cream I also grabbed a carton of KoKo Dairy Free Milk, the unsweetened one, this is by far my new favourite vegan milk! It's lovely!

I also took home a couple of cakes, some wasabi pumpkin seeds and obviously some pizza cheese which I used some of later that day mmm!

Ideally I would have wanted to grab a lot more stuff than that and hang around until the end, so a bitter sweet day to be honest.

Heartbroken about my bunny but at the same time happy to be attending such an amazing event and be around like minded people and be introduced to loads of lovely brands and foods.

I hope you enjoy the photos I did get from the day, even though they are kind of rushed and taken on my phone, if you attended yourself please do comment below and let me know how you found the weekend!