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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

My trip to Ireland, in this week I did quite a lot and I have no idea where to start to be honest but I'll do my best!

I flew from Bristol International Airport, being from, living, and working in Bristol makes this great for me! I work around the corner pretty much too so I left my car at work and off we went!

We flew into Dublin, picked up our "beast" of a rent car and drove to the little barn of destiny which is based in Ardcath which is about half an hour from the airport.

The place we stayed was absolutely stunning, an old converted barn. I can't explain how amazing this place was, it's the sort of place you see on the ads on Facebook, like the proper luxury places that no one "normal" ever goes to!

The place had a little fire too which I became slightly obsessed with, weirdly I like burning things and I'm always cold so I spent every night sat in front of it!

If you want to check the place out here's the link:

Over the road from the place was a cute traditional pub, we only went to this place once and that was the last night... In hindsight id wish we had gone every night because everyone was just so friendly, in fact throughout the whole trip everyone was super chatty and nice... 

The night we went was a Trad Night so traditional Irish music, not exactly to my taste I must admit but loved the atmosphere and chatting with the lovely ladies we met that night.

Where we actually stayed was home to a lot of dairy farms, as a vegan I obviously have an opinion on this but I was able to "meet" loads of cows and a couple sheep on this trip.

As happy as I was to be in the presence of one of my favourite animals it did make me a little sad that I couldn't take them home and save them from a lifetime of misery... 

On the trip we visited loads of little shops and yummy food places, I think every place we ate out was a veggie/vegan place and all of them served amazing, yummy, healthy and of course photogenic food!

Places we ate at were Cornucopia where I had an scrummy wrap, Happy Food which is where the burger below is from and also The Bare Food Company where my sandwich below is from and also my friend's lovely salad below!

I could eat out at places like that everyday! It was all so good!


 One of the days we spent the whole day out on Bike, the guy who owned the place we were staying was nice enough to lend us a couple of bikes to go out and explore, he even drew a little map for us with a recommended route to take.

This is when I saw most of the cows and I insisted we stopped for literally every cow we saw to give them some love.

 We did a lot of exploring outside of the little village to, we ventured to Drogheda which is a little village not to far from where the barn is to get some food and have a little look around, saw a pretty church, got some food and ventured into Primark! Haha!

After that we took a trip to the beach to eat some cake, chill and take some pictures.

 My favourite part of the whole trip has to be  Wicklow Mountains National Park, the whole place was beautiful, like one of the most gorgeous sites I've ever seen looking down at one of the lakes! 

The weather was perfect too, the hottest day of the year so far I think, pretty sure i got a bit of a tan, I've been told a couple times my freckles have came out which is just wonderful haha!

So we obviously saw all the spots from the film PS I Love You, I can't even put in to words how lovely it was there...just stunning.

Our final couple of days we went into Dublin again for more food and also to do some more touristy stuff there, we walked all the cobbled streets, got out picture of Temple Bar and crossed the bridges.

We also checked out the Book of Kells which is like this huge old library, pretty amazing place.


I'm hoping the pictures speak louder than words for this post, it's hard to put somethings into words like how beautiful Wicklow was, how cool the barn was and just how many cows I saw haha!

Such a good trip and I can't wait for the next...which is actually this Friday to Norway to stay in a cabin in the woods by a lake...with no water or electricity.

Sounds like a horror movie I know, if this is my last post you can assume the worst!!
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