Natural hair products, I mean can you really get anything more satisfying...other than the obvious...

This post I want to share with you 2 products from Noughty who are a natural, vegan and cruelty free hair care company.

Not many things makes me feel as good as a hot shower in the morning washing my hair with amazing smells of destiny!

It literally puts me in such a good mood for the day, not going to say that it lasts after my commute to work but still...

The To The Rescue collection is for frizzy damaged hair, my hair is pretty annoying... It gets greasy really quick but the ends get dry and frizzy and its just really flat and boring... so I figured this would be the best collection for my hair.


So the shampoo is made with sweet almond and sunflower seed, let me start by saying it smells amazing! Subtle but really nice, almost like a cake... like a weak cake smell... I'm not sure if that sounds like a good thing or not but I can assure you it's lovely.

It bubbles up really well, I hate it when you buy a shampoo and it's just not very bubbly... Thankfully this stuff is really bubbly so you're able to get all of your hair covered with a little blob.

Once it's rinsed it feels nice and clean too, exactly what you'd want from a shampoo!

Once my hair is dry it looks clean and shiny, it's hasn't be covered in chemicals! What more can you ask for!


Now the important part, well if you're like me and have crusty split ends! Life without conditioner would be dire!

It's made with Shea butter and olive oil, perfect for adding some moisture to those ends! Again a yummy subtle smell and a little blob goes a long way.

I just cover the ends with conditioner usually though to be honest to avoid my hair getting greasier than it already does and this stuff makes the ends of hair feel so smooth in the shower and when it's dry.

It makes combing my hair after a shower so much easier than the stuff I was using before too, I love it!

Overall I love both the Shampoo and Conditioner, my hair left feeling and looking clean, it smells amazing and it feels good knowing no animals were harmed in the making of it.

If you're interested in finding out more about Noughty then check out the link below:

 *free sample but opinions are my own

So obviously I'm a huge fan of food, especially healthy and guilt free vegan food!

Recently I have been trying loads of weird and wonderful snacks but today I want to introduce you to (if you haven't already met) BEAR yoyos.

They remind me of a sweet I used to have as a kid but I can't remember what it was called, they are basically rolled up squishy deliciousness... 

They taste like sweets but are made purely of fruit and veg... why the hell are most other sweets made of gelatin?!?!?! Why eat boiled bones and god knows what when you have these yummy things which are not only completely vegan they're also tasty and 1 of your 5 a day!

I'm a fully grown adult and I loved them but obviously they're more for kids with the fun packaging and all that.

They also have collectible cards inside too which again is great for kids, you can get yourself or more probably your child can get a free spy kit when you send off 10 barcodes from the yoyo packs.

I took 5 packs with me to Norway, they were our evening treat in the cabin!!

If you want to find out more about then follow the link below:

 *free sample but opinions are my own

So I survived the wilderness!

This trip was amazing and I'm missing the cabin already! I could easily live that life forever however I did miss having signal and Instagram haha!

The trip started at like 4am...not cool, I am not the greatest at getting up as it is especially that early. 

We flew from Stansted Airport too so an early start for a long drive down the motorway which surprisingly wasn't actually that bad.

Once we landed we got the Train from Oslo Airport to Drammen which was the nearest city to our lake cabin, we grabbed some food for the time there and then luckily a taxi driver was happy to take a shot and try and help find where we needed to go to start our trek through the woods. 

It all went well considering we were literally just pointing at a lake on a map.

So the guy gave us a lift as far up this hill as possible, if I'd had to have walked up that hill I would have died, just walking to the cabin was killer.

I hadn't carried a backpack since school, and even then it had like 4 things in it... my planner, a pen, my phone and purse... Not my weeks worth of clothes, a SLR camera and other various holiday essentials...

Finding it wasn't too bad, once we reached the lake it was on we could see it and because the lake was frozen we could walk across to it. 

However the ice on top of the lake was like mushy slushy wet stuff so my feet were bloody soaked by the time we got there but obviously it was all worth it when the fire was lit and my socks were drying!

The cabin was lovely!

Life at the cabin was so easy and we were so lucky with the weather, it was sunny and kinda warm...considering.

I spent the 4 days there washing my hair and lady parts in melted snow and lake water, moisturising the rest of myself to smell washed...

We lived on pretty basic rations, I could only really drink tea with the melted snow haha! Luckily I found some soya milk in the supermarket! Never been so happy to see the Alpro logo haha!

Toast, bread and muesli... best meal was homemade shallow fried chips, got to love how dynamic a potato is!

To amuse ourselves in the cabin we read, chilled, played cards and a travel Pointless game.

Obviously I took a lot of pictures, we adventured the woods, played in the snow and Ollie tried to drill holes in the lake...

It was just nice to escape, forget the shit at home really chill out!

Before moving on to city life I need to mention the toilet, not only was it connected to a gas canister thing which was terrifying...maybe I play too may video games but I was highly concerned that my ass may get blown up. 

But basically you put in a little paper filter looking thing into the toilet, do your business and then when you flush... it burns it... The toilet burns your poop! Cool eh?!

Anyway here is a link to cabin we stayed at if you're interested: 

So we got the taxi guy's number so we could get back to Drammen train station, obviously we had to trek back to the road, this time we avoided the lake so my feet stay dry and also because of the sun it was looking patchy in places and no way in hell was I risking going in!

The walk back wasn't as bad, maybe because we kind of knew where we were going this time but jeez my legs were killing the next few days... We decided to walk to the bottom of the hill to meet the taxi this time! It was miles haha!

The first shower at the hotel in Oslo was amazing!

The weather for this half of the trip wasn't as good but we had a couple days of nice weather and then it got cold, very cold and one of the days it rained.

We stayed at the Citybox hotel in Oslo, didn't spend too much time here as we spent the rest of the trip walking around sight seeing.

During the rest of the time there we saw all the local sights to see like the Opera House, the Royal Palace, Frogner Park and a few others, we also went to a number of the museums, we did the museums on the rainy day...

We also got a ferry to a very small, cold, almost empty island the day it rained too before deciding museums would be a better idea.

So I need to mention the fact Norway is known for being expensive... I can confirm this is correct haha! But it only really seems that the food and drink were expensive, the museums you had to pay to get in seemed "normal" priced ad public transport was crazy cheap in comparison to the UK.

This is also a good time to mention that being vegan in Norway was pretty hard, the cabin was fine as I lived on basic beige rations but in the city other than the couple of vegan specific places we went it was pretty hard to order something you knew for sure was vegan.

I tended to order falafel and hoped for the best at a couple of places, we did go to a curry place too one night which had a vegan option, we went to Mamma Pizza too and I just asked them to remove the cheese and it was so good! Best pizza ever!! 

I seem to struggle with holiday posts, so much happens in a week and I could drone on for ages going into to the details but I hope the photos I've taken do all the talking.

I loved my trip to Norway and would recommend it to anyone, the city was beautiful and the cabin is definitely something you have to do before you die!

I hope you enjoy the photos!