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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Sunday morning me and a friend checked out the South West Vegan Festival in Bristol, I was supposed to be at another event that day but it had got cancelled so I think it was fate to ensure I attended this instead.

First of all let me say I am glad I got there early, it got pretty busy! I didn't think something like this would be so packed... Not necessarily a bad thing as it shows a lot of interest in veganism.

I was also shocked by how may stalls there were, I was worried we would get there and see about 5 stands and that was it but there was loads!! Apparently over 100 stalls so yeah we were there a couple of hours!

The place has 3 halls and they were filled with food, beauty products, memberships, merchandise, information stalls and a few others. 

I was mainly interested in getting my hands on some cheese! Which I did, I got myself some Original Classic Cashew Brie from Raw food Rosie’s which I've already used a couple of times and can confirm is yummy!

I also grabbed some medium chilli marinade from Zims Tribe, I haven't used this yet but I tried it on the day with some tortillas and it was lush! Tasted so good, can't wait to use this stuff!

My favourite purchase has to be the wasabi pumpkin seeds though from Pepo Papa! Life changing purchase if you ask me haha! Ate the whole lot pretty quickly!

Another thing I picked up was a bath bomb, it sure where this one was from but it was lovely!

The whole event is organised by Farplace Animal Rescue who are a UK animal rescue who help specialist cases like FIV+ cats and have helped many such cases in need from across the UK. All the profits from the festival will directly help animals.

 Overall I really enjoyed this event and wish there was more of the same locally, hopefully another one will come up with how much interest this one had! Maybe a summer one?!


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