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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Don't you just love trying new beauty products, I can't help feel super pampered and relaxed just by experiencing something as small as trying a new face moisturiser and soap!

The products are from a company called PHB Ethical Beauty who sell a wide range of  natural, vegan and cruelty free beauty products, I have been using a selection of their products for a little while now and figured it's time to start reviewing these lovely products and spread the word of cruelty free beauty!

For this review post I will looking at the Brightening Moisturiser with Argan & Immortelle and the Peppermint & Blackseed Natural Handmade Soap.

Brightening Moisturiser with Argan & Immortelle:

I'd read a little about this product before trying it and after reading some of the comments I had to give it a go, I have used the moisturisers before but the one I'd used previously was the Balancing Moisturiser with Organic Lavender and Tamanu.

As soon as I used this stuff I was in love, I spent the whole day without make up on because it just felt good and my skin looked clear and doesn't normally! I've literally used it everyday this week even stopped wearing foundation to work because my skin looks fine without after using this stuff! 

The moisturiser itself isn't too heavy and smells amazing, I'm literally sniffing the pot as I type this.

Peppermint & Blackseed Natural Handmade Soap:

The second item is a soap, this may seems a simple and boring item to review but I can't emphasise just how much I love handmade soaps... Using bars of soap like this in the morning puts me in such a good mood, a tiny little pamper with a nice bar of soap can go a long if you ask me!

This soap being peppermint is extra special though, not only do I smell gorgeous, I'm moisturised from the natural oils and i'm also tingling... My skin feels amazing afterwards.

I can't wait to try more of these soaps!

With my delivery I also received 2 free samples, one was a face wash which I really liked and will look into further when my current one runs out and the other was some anti blemish treatment gel, I have used this a couple of times on my back and it does seem to get to action pretty quickly.

Overall I loved all the products featured in this post but also all of the items I have bought in the past and tried such as the shampoo and conditioners, the eye gel and many more other bits and bobs.

If you're interested in any of these items check out their website below.
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