Superdrug Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover Review

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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

This is my first review since revamping my blog and starting again from scratch! About time eh?!

If you have read my About Me page you will see I will only be reviewing cruelty free products whether it's beauty products, make up or household products. 

There is no way in hell I will be reviewing brands that condone the pain and suffering of animals. If you're not aware everything own branded in Superdrug is cruelty free! Awesome right?! 

Anyway enough serious chat, lets get into the product I am reviewing today.

So this is Superdrug's own brand make up remover, I ordered quite a huge amount of things when I found out everything there was cruelty free but this is the item I am most impressed with.

Most make up removers burn my eyes and skin around my eyes so bad, this stuff doesn't. I also expected to be rubbing away at my make up for a while and I wasn't, it was just gone after a couple wipes. 

I use Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara too and that stuff isn't easy to remove!

The remover itself is a lotion rather than a toner water so it does feel kind of slimy when you're wiping your make up off but either way it still does the jobs and melts the stuff off without stinging and taking an age.

Overall I would highly recommend this product, it's fast working, cruelty free, it smells nice, it doesn't sting your eyes and it's really affordable at only £3.49.
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