Oh Deer... Saturday Walk

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Nothing like a walk in the freezing cold as it attempts to snow! Right?

Once you get going you soon warm up so it was fine after a while, plus I had my warm and wonderful coat and boots!

Besides we haven't been out for a long proper walk in a few weeks so it was needed and I've been dying to take the camera out.

Today we walked through Leigh Woods and also through Ashton Court Estate (Bristol) which is my favourite kind of route because it's mainly woods with lots of mud to traipse through and I love just being surrounded by trees which in this case also protected us from the freezing cold wind...well until we got out into the open at Ashton Court but with my hood up I was fine.

The best part of the walk has be seeing all the red deer, as much as I love the woods I wasn't expecting to see these beauties and be able to get as close as we did! 

Long walks like this make a cup of tea after oh so much better! 

I'm looking forward to the next walk, wherever it may be...

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