Trip To Glastonbury

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Now before you get too excited I am referring to the village of Glastonbury, not the festival! Don't be too disappointed though as this place was pretty cool and personally I would choose shopping in quirky little shops over a festival any day! Maybe I'm getting old?

It isn't a secret that I love markets, stands and shops full of handmade and unique things, this place was heaven for this! Absolutely every shop was different and full of weird and wonderful things from precious stones to homemade crafts...

As you can see from the photo above everywhere was full of colour and the place was really pretty and it was nice to just amble about taking in the surroundings.

For lunch we went to a little place called the Hundred Monkey Cafe which as you can see from the pictures below made some beautiful food!

 Once we had finished looking in every single shop and eating lunch, which was lovely might I add, we went and checked out the Glastonbury Tor.

This was quite possibly one of the most killer walks ever, call me weak and unfit I don't care but this climb to the top was just crazy! We had to stop for a drink and to catch our breath about 5 times! Haha!! 

Once we got to the top though it was totally worth it, the view was awesome and it was nice to chill out taking in the view in the sunshine.

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