Christmas Day 2016

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Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas is my favourite time of the year, even though it's bloody cold! This is year was different to any other Christmas I've experienced for a number of reasons!

Mainly because I spent it alone from 5pm, I've never been alone on Christmas day in my entire life... It was a sobering experience to be honest and makes you realise how much you love certain peoples company...

But anyway enough depressing stuff, before my evening of loneliness and despair I had a great day. 

We got up and got ready, I have to be showered and clothed before going downstairs... I'm not really into smelly breath, messy hair and pyjamas when opening my presents haha!

The rabbits were let loose out of the kitchen and I started my day off with a smoothie! Haha man I'm getting old!

Then the carnage began and presents were opened, I'm not going to list everything received but I can say I got some lovely, weird and cute presents! Number one gift has to be Marmite with my name on though, I mean come on!!

After that the rabbits had a great time with the wrapping paper and boxes left over!

This year is the first year I've actually watched proper Christmas films too, for someone who loves Christmas I've never before had the time or been bothered to watch Christmas films! I mean there is the odd film I've seen and love but wouldn't watch it on Christmas day for example Love Actually is an all time fave!

But this year I watched Home Alone for the first time, haha yes finally at the age of 25 I've finally seen it! Also watched Elf, another first time experience!

Once presents, films and chilling was done we started on lunch which is to me is the best part of the day!

First year as a veggie so my main this year was a stuffed roast butternut squash, it was really yummy and I always love trying something different! Plus things like this are fun to make, admittedly I mainly watched it being made as opposed to making it myself haha! 

Only ate half of my plate, I was so full it hurt! However writing this now though makes me want to go and stuff my left overs!

After food and chilling I went to visit my Mum and brother, this is always a "funny" experience but for all the wrong reasons... It is literally a mad house!

More presents yay!! Then we just chilled together watching the most awful TV, couldn't tell you what it was but god it was craaap!

After a couple hours there we came home, and then I was left alone!! But it's ok, chilled with my bunnies, cleaned up a little, watched some youtube, had a bath and then off to bed!

Boxing day as a write this, off to my Dad's house in just over a hour! Time for me to get out of my snowman pyjamas and get ready!!

Merry Christmas!!

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