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Saturday, November 19, 2016
veggie, pizza, pitta, recipe

After a year away from my blog I have decided to bring it back to stay but this time make it more me and less of what I think people want to see, so what better way to start with one of my favourite snacks to make! 

Ok when I say snack it is quite filling and I'm just greedy! It's perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner and if you're greedy like me, a snack. If it's not a snack I normally tend to have it as a naughty weekend breakfast...

Anyway lets get into whats needed and how to make it.


Wholemeal Pitta Breads
Vegan Pesto
Tomato Puree
Chopped Cherry Tomatoes
Chopped Mushrooms
Grated Dairyfree Cheese
Dry and/or fresh Basil 
Salt and Pepper


1. First of put the grill on at about 200c.

2. Start by covering one side of the pitta with the tomato puree, I normally use about a tea spoon.

3. Once you're happy with the coverage do the same with the pesto.

4. Cheese time, add a small handful (quarter of a cup or so) over the pitta and be sure to save a little bit for after the toppings are added.

5. Add the tomatoes and mushrooms

6. Once you're happy with the toppings sprinkle the rest of the cheese onto the pitta.

7. Add some salt and pepper along with some dried basil and if you have any fresh basil then whack a few leaves on top too.

8. Taduh! The grill should be heated up now so whack the pitta in for about 10 mins, I normally take mine out when the cheese is nice and melted.

veggie, pizza, pitta, recipe
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