Christmas is my favourite time of the year, even though it's bloody cold! This is year was different to any other Christmas I've experienced for a number of reasons!

Mainly because I spent it alone from 5pm, I've never been alone on Christmas day in my entire life... It was a sobering experience to be honest and makes you realise how much you love certain peoples company...

But anyway enough depressing stuff, before my evening of loneliness and despair I had a great day. 

We got up and got ready, I have to be showered and clothed before going downstairs... I'm not really into smelly breath, messy hair and pyjamas when opening my presents haha!

The rabbits were let loose out of the kitchen and I started my day off with a smoothie! Haha man I'm getting old!

Then the carnage began and presents were opened, I'm not going to list everything received but I can say I got some lovely, weird and cute presents! Number one gift has to be Marmite with my name on though, I mean come on!!

After that the rabbits had a great time with the wrapping paper and boxes left over!

This year is the first year I've actually watched proper Christmas films too, for someone who loves Christmas I've never before had the time or been bothered to watch Christmas films! I mean there is the odd film I've seen and love but wouldn't watch it on Christmas day for example Love Actually is an all time fave!

But this year I watched Home Alone for the first time, haha yes finally at the age of 25 I've finally seen it! Also watched Elf, another first time experience!

Once presents, films and chilling was done we started on lunch which is to me is the best part of the day!

First year as a veggie so my main this year was a stuffed roast butternut squash, it was really yummy and I always love trying something different! Plus things like this are fun to make, admittedly I mainly watched it being made as opposed to making it myself haha! 

Only ate half of my plate, I was so full it hurt! However writing this now though makes me want to go and stuff my left overs!

After food and chilling I went to visit my Mum and brother, this is always a "funny" experience but for all the wrong reasons... It is literally a mad house!

More presents yay!! Then we just chilled together watching the most awful TV, couldn't tell you what it was but god it was craaap!

After a couple hours there we came home, and then I was left alone!! But it's ok, chilled with my bunnies, cleaned up a little, watched some youtube, had a bath and then off to bed!

Boxing day as a write this, off to my Dad's house in just over a hour! Time for me to get out of my snowman pyjamas and get ready!!

Merry Christmas!!

This is probably my favourite thing about living in Bristol, I love the Balloon Fiesta! It's one of those things that no matter how old you are, how many times you've been or how long you've lived in Bristol, hot air balloons just don't get boring!

Admittedly Bristol isn't known for it's great weather so the balloons don't always go up unfortunately but there's still loads of other things to do, even if it rains you still have a great time....well I do anyway :)

As well as the balloons there is entertainment in the center on the site such as the red arrows, fairground rides, market type stands, charities, sponsors and of course loads of food stalls!

Basically there is loads to do and you're in a huge field so just chill out and enjoy the clouds haha!

Here are some photos I got from the Fiesta this year...

As I type this I am off sick from work feeling like death eating tomato soup, this morning I took a little walk to the post office to get some air and also collect some post I missed and this little lady was waiting for me, totally forgot I had ordered her and to say it's made my day is understatement.

I ordered her from from a little shop called Boo to a Moose, I found the shop itself at a Etsy Local event in Bristol where I live, as I sell on Etsy myself I always like to check out these sorts of I love handmade things of any description so any excuse really.. 

The pop up shop had loads of these little robot soft toys but I resisted because of the time of year I'm trying to behave myself but when I got home I did "accidentally" ordered Sally... Yep that's what her name is going to be.

My intention wasn't to write a post or a review on this purchase but how can I not, check out the shop (links below) and see for yourself they are all so cute!

I got this one because it actually matches the colours in my living room and I love weird and wonderful things like this all over the place, she is going to fit in nicely with the rest!

Thing is they are actually kids toys, I don't have kids yet but I think this is pretty cool as a toy for young children, their heads come off (Velcro) so they can be mix and matched...but if you're like me and love random things on display then great! Haha!

In terms of the boring things we all like to know when buying stuff, the quality is really good, she's exactly what I expected, the packaging was also so cute!! She arrived (promptly might I add) in a little parcel paper package with a lovely note and some chocolate money which like I said made my day especially as I'm feeling really sick.

Can't wait to order another!

If you want to check them out click here.

Last night I went to the my first Christmas "walk", not something I would normally do as to be honest I presumed it's just for kids... I was wrong it was actually really cool.

I went to the Forestry Commission England's Westonbirt Arboretum for my Enchanted Christmas trail, I have been here quite a few times but I've never seen it like this. 

The walk was about an hour long which was just about right as it is pretty damn cold, throughout the trail there are trees lit up with coloured lights so you can see all the silhouettes of the branches along with interactive lights where for example you can light up the trees using a bicycle. There was also lanterns and a huge disco ball!

As well as the walk there are food and drink stands before you start, at the end and dotted along the walk. 

The gift shop is also open with loads of Christmas stuff, I love gift shops...

Now before you get too excited I am referring to the village of Glastonbury, not the festival! Don't be too disappointed though as this place was pretty cool and personally I would choose shopping in quirky little shops over a festival any day! Maybe I'm getting old?

It isn't a secret that I love markets, stands and shops full of handmade and unique things, this place was heaven for this! Absolutely every shop was different and full of weird and wonderful things from precious stones to homemade crafts...

As you can see from the photo above everywhere was full of colour and the place was really pretty and it was nice to just amble about taking in the surroundings.

For lunch we went to a little place called the Hundred Monkey Cafe which as you can see from the pictures below made some beautiful food!

 Once we had finished looking in every single shop and eating lunch, which was lovely might I add, we went and checked out the Glastonbury Tor.

This was quite possibly one of the most killer walks ever, call me weak and unfit I don't care but this climb to the top was just crazy! We had to stop for a drink and to catch our breath about 5 times! Haha!! 

Once we got to the top though it was totally worth it, the view was awesome and it was nice to chill out taking in the view in the sunshine.

Bath is one of my favourite places to shop, it has loads of those little quirky shops with random handmade things, weird handmade things are to me one of the greatest things ever!

The fact that Christmas is coming though means yes additional stands of amazing handmade things but also lots of extra visitors, it was sooo busy!! Nothing is perfect though right?

As well as cute trinket type shops there are some pretty cool things to see and do...and good places to eat too!

I normally eat in a little place called The Greet Rocket but on this day I experienced my 2nd visit to Burger & Lobster.

It was very yummy!

One of my favourite things about Bristol is the events that happen in the Summer, plus I hate being cold so summer in general is a good time for me!

This event is the Bristol Harbour Festival, it normally happens in July some time.

Its full of things to do, there is lots live music, food, drink, crafty stands and it's on the harbour (obviously) which is pretty cool in itself.

Here are some pictures I got earlier in there when I went.