Thought I would post another throwback post, these photos are from September last year but they are pretty and I just have to share them, plus we have just booked a holiday from April to Norway and I can't help but think about previous getaways and go back through some pictures which inevitably makes me want to share them.

These pictures were taken in Lyme Regis, we were attending a wedding kind of nearby and figured why not stay a few nights somewhere close by and make a little holiday out of it.

For the time of year we have some really nice sunny days as you can see, it was just a really chilled escape from work and home...which is always needed!

I'm deeply regretting not bringing my 'big' camera with me on my walk today, to be honest I don't usually bring it with me when I know the walk is going to be longer than a couple of hours... Any longer than that and I'm hurting!

Either way today I got some shots I'm really proud of and just had to share, even if they were taken on my phone and edited in Instagram... I am not ashamed :)

Today we walked from Sea Mills train station, to Blaize Castle and then I guess through Shirehampton back to Sea Mills train station... In Bristol of course. 

The walk I think was about 5 miles, not 'that' far but a foot rub would be nice about now!

Lots of mud, fog and trees! My favourite!

My intention wasn't to post a New Years post, purely because it's so cliche and just boring... There will be no new year no me bullshit! It's just not really me!

To be honest I plan to avoid the gym like the plague and wait for everyone to get bored of their new year's resolutions!

But a lot has changed for me in the last 12 months so I thought fuck it, why not post something!

2016 was the year everything changed, new job, new boyfriend, new car, new diet and just overall a new way of existing... Wow that sounds slightly more dramatic than it really was!

I'm not going to go into the details of all of these changes because some are too personal, some are boring and the diet I'm still working on.

But here are some pictures that sum up my year.