So this post isn't going to be quite how I'd planned it... I'd booked tickets for this a while ago and couldn't wait to go!

I was going to take my "actual" camera and we were going to have a few drinks and watch the music and generally have an awesome time like everyone else.

Unfortunately one of my bunnies got very sick the day before, we took her to the vets Saturday morning and left her there for them to treat her for whatever was wrong. 

I had a phone call when at vegfest basically saying I don't have much choice other than to send her to sleep... So I was already pretty down at the festival and this news meant I just wanted to go home right away... so I pretty much did... 

I plan to do a little post about her soon to explain the full story and also share some happy stories about her too!

Anyway, I just thought I'd get that out there before you think jeez these are some crap pictures and what a sh!t post! 

Putting aside my own person problems the festival itself was epic, I haven't ever been before in all the 15 years or whatever it is it's been to Bristol and I'm seriously regretting that now it's been announced it will be the last one.

There was so much there, much more than I'd anticipated, I thought a few stands but there was loads of stalls, loads of different brands and food stalls! Basically everything a vegan could wish for and more!

Like I said I didn't hang around too long, I made sure I saw every stand and that was it...oh and obviously grabbed a Booja Booja ice cream!

From what I have seen online the music looked great and gutted I didn't get to stuff my face and chill to some music.

As well as a well deserved ice cream I also grabbed a carton of KoKo Dairy Free Milk, the unsweetened one, this is by far my new favourite vegan milk! It's lovely!

I also took home a couple of cakes, some wasabi pumpkin seeds and obviously some pizza cheese which I used some of later that day mmm!

Ideally I would have wanted to grab a lot more stuff than that and hang around until the end, so a bitter sweet day to be honest.

Heartbroken about my bunny but at the same time happy to be attending such an amazing event and be around like minded people and be introduced to loads of lovely brands and foods.

I hope you enjoy the photos I did get from the day, even though they are kind of rushed and taken on my phone, if you attended yourself please do comment below and let me know how you found the weekend!


Ohhhh make up! We all love a good lipstick don't we! Even better when it's vegan, cruelty free, bee-free, gluten free and chemical free!

This lipstick is from Lippy Girl which is actually a Canadian make up company who do a number of different vegan/cruelty free products, they can be purchased over here in UK from sites such as Botanical Brands.

I was speaking to a friend earlier about how we both hate unnecessarily long product reviews, she was trying to find out about a certain foundation and the video she was watching just went on and on... This is why my reviews are short and snappy, no one cares about your day they just want to know if the bloody stuff is good! Anyway before I end up contradicting what I'm preaching....

So I have the lipstick in the shade Rosie Posie, I love the name! It's so cute and they all have funky names.  They come in a variety of different shades with a couple of pinks, reds and even some purples too, I went with this shade as it's kind of like a darker natural shade, if that makes any sense!

The packaging is sweet and simple, cute pink box and a sophisticated simple black tube...what more do you need, it's a lipstick after all not a centerpiece haha!

The lipstick itself is quite matte so it definitely has that natural look, it's also soft so easy to apply, I would say it lasts a couple of hours before you have to touch up which I don't mind... I find long wearing lipsticks really dry and uncomfortable to wear, this stuff because it's made of oils it feels moisturising like a lip balm.

The only thing I will say as it is made of oils and is so soft, I wouldn't leave it in the car on a hot day...

Overall I'd recommend this lipstick if you're after a natural moisturising and of course vegan friendly lipstick, it's pretty inexpensive and everyone loves a new addition to their make up bag!

If you're interested in getting your hands on this lipstick of finding out a little more check out Botanical Brands by clicking HERE.

My latest food testing has been with something slightly different.

Now these may look like your everyday smoothies... but they're not...

These are Blends from Roots Collective, Blends can be a smoothie if you want them to be and a number of other things such as an ingredient, a dressing or even a dip... whatever you want.

They literally are what they say they are... a blend, a blend of vegetables, herbs and spices.

Because they literally are blended veg they are incredibly good for you, not your standard smoothie in the supermarket full of sugar and other crap, these are over 80% of veg and other goodness so not only are you getting all these nutrients you're also going to be fuller too because you're basically eating your drink and drinking your food haha!

Personally I couldn't drink them myself as a smoothie, I'm more of a fruit smoothie person but I found them amazing for sauces, in particular as a base for curries.

As you can see in the picture above I used the Asian Sling Blend for the base of my potato curry last week, I literally fried some onion and garlic, added the Blend with some chilli flakes, medium curry powder, some coconut milk, salt and pepper, potato chunks and let it simmer for about 45 mins and there we have it... easy yummy potato curry!

If you want to find out more about Roots Blend click the following link

Excuse the pun but I can't resist... I've been lucky enough to get my HANDS on some of Botanicals Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Balm, if you know you'll know I'm slightly obsessed with hand cream...kind of lame I know but it's true...

Botanicals is a natural, vegan, cruelty free brand that are all about plant based products and basically providing ethical products.

If you'd like to find out more about them follow the link below

The hand balm itself smells amazing, very floral and the smells lingers which I love.

You don't need a lot of the stuff, it's full of anti-oxidant rich oils and butters so it goes a long way.

Obviously because it is made of oils it initially feels a little heavy but soon soaks in, personally I prefer quite heavy oily hand moisturisers as they're the most effective, my hands get killed by the air con at work, harsh soaps, cleaning products and so on so the more intense the better for me.

I love this handcream, if you hands are in desperate need of some repairing and pampering you'll love this stuff too!

For more info on the hand balm follow the link below

I'm always on a mission to find new and exciting vegan snacks and treats, I also like to share my findings and thoughts in the hope that everyone will become vegan and buy everything I recommended!

The snack I want to rant and rave about today are Hoots.

Hoots aren't full of crap like most things, they don't use use artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or MSG they are basically a healthier alternative to traditional potato crisps and are obviously suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

They currently come in 5 different flavours:

Salt & Viegar
Smoked Bacon
Salt & Pepper
Cheese & Onion
Pickled Onion

I personally loved all the flavours but probably most of all the "bacon" ones, obviously these aren't really made from bacon and neither do the cheese ones use actual cheese but if you're not a veggie you would't know.

You can eat them a number of different ways... On their own or with a dip, I became addicted to having them simply with hummus...everyday I had a bag with hummus! 

I also saw online a few people have made cute little canape food with them which is a great idea for party food!

They can be purchased at a number of store online and in store, if you haven't tried them yet you need to because they are seriously so yummy!

For more information check out their website below:

Natural hair products, I mean can you really get anything more satisfying...other than the obvious...

This post I want to share with you 2 products from Noughty who are a natural, vegan and cruelty free hair care company.

Not many things makes me feel as good as a hot shower in the morning washing my hair with amazing smells of destiny!

It literally puts me in such a good mood for the day, not going to say that it lasts after my commute to work but still...

The To The Rescue collection is for frizzy damaged hair, my hair is pretty annoying... It gets greasy really quick but the ends get dry and frizzy and its just really flat and boring... so I figured this would be the best collection for my hair.


So the shampoo is made with sweet almond and sunflower seed, let me start by saying it smells amazing! Subtle but really nice, almost like a cake... like a weak cake smell... I'm not sure if that sounds like a good thing or not but I can assure you it's lovely.

It bubbles up really well, I hate it when you buy a shampoo and it's just not very bubbly... Thankfully this stuff is really bubbly so you're able to get all of your hair covered with a little blob.

Once it's rinsed it feels nice and clean too, exactly what you'd want from a shampoo!

Once my hair is dry it looks clean and shiny, it's hasn't be covered in chemicals! What more can you ask for!


Now the important part, well if you're like me and have crusty split ends! Life without conditioner would be dire!

It's made with Shea butter and olive oil, perfect for adding some moisture to those ends! Again a yummy subtle smell and a little blob goes a long way.

I just cover the ends with conditioner usually though to be honest to avoid my hair getting greasier than it already does and this stuff makes the ends of hair feel so smooth in the shower and when it's dry.

It makes combing my hair after a shower so much easier than the stuff I was using before too, I love it!

Overall I love both the Shampoo and Conditioner, my hair left feeling and looking clean, it smells amazing and it feels good knowing no animals were harmed in the making of it.

If you're interested in finding out more about Noughty then check out the link below:

So obviously I'm a huge fan of food, especially healthy and guilt free vegan food!

Recently I have been trying loads of weird and wonderful snacks but today I want to introduce you to (if you haven't already met) BEAR yoyos.

They remind me of a sweet I used to have as a kid but I can't remember what it was called, they are basically rolled up squishy deliciousness... 

They taste like sweets but are made purely of fruit and veg... why the hell are most other sweets made of gelatin?!?!?! Why eat boiled bones and god knows what when you have these yummy things which are not only completely vegan they're also tasty and 1 of your 5 a day!

I'm a fully grown adult and I loved them but obviously they're more for kids with the fun packaging and all that.

They also have collectible cards inside too which again is great for kids, you can get yourself or more probably your child can get a free spy kit when you send off 10 barcodes from the yoyo packs.

I took 5 packs with me to Norway, they were our evening treat in the cabin!!

If you want to find out more about then follow the link below: