What a week! It’s literally felt like the longest week ever and all I’ve done is go to work I think… oh wait and kettlebells class on Tuesday… my abs and bum cheeks are still aching from this actually!

And what is with this weather! Storm Emma has really hit the UK! I like snow for a couple days but man I’m not liking the wind chill that’s come along with it at all, it’s so cold it actually burns haha! 

The past couple of days I’ve actually wore a bobble hat out and I can assure you I am not a hat wearing person!

Yesterday I walked to a local café for some dinner and after words I was just frozen to the bone I had to have a bath and what better time to try some Bath Bombs a friend made and gave to me for my birthday!

Lizzie who I met at Trika yoga (i.e. heaven on earth) when I attended one of her classes has a little Etsy shop full of weird, wonderful and cute bits and bobs such as bath bombs obviously, jewellery and woolly things. 

Her shop is MadeByLizzieWithLove.

Obviously for me to go anywhere near these bad boys they had to be vegan and cruelty free which of course they are! Another reason I was dying to use them last night other than being cold is for the Epsom salts, I can’t tell you how much my bum cheeks hurt from me class!

The bath bomb was in the shape of a cute little shell and smelt amazing before even going in the water and it literally spread throughout the house when it was plopped in the hot bath water which is just what I needed after work and driving in the snow! A massive relaxation session! I went all out too and lit my candles!

Obviously it goes without saying that it was an amazing bath but the best part is all the essential oils in the bath bomb!! I got out of that bath glowing and moisturised to the max which is what I needed so badly with this cold weather, does anyone else get a really itchy back in the winter where your skin is so dry? Just me I expect…

What more can I say, I loved them and will probably end up buying more every time I go to yoga!!

Thank you for reading and if you want to check out all the beautiful things Liz makes then follow the link below:

What a lovely weekend! So lovely I thought I would post about it and I’ve also just been out for a walk in the cold and it just feels nice to chill with a cup of tea next to the radiator
Saturday morning was the same as it always is….raining and miserable! Just kidding… well it was raining but I wasn’t miserable. Every Saturday (used to be Sundays) I walk to my Ashtanga yoga class with the bestie for an hour of amazing yet brutal stretching! The walk there is about 3 and half miles at a place called Trika Yoga, which I know is a bit far but I like it too much here and I’d feel like I was cheating on it if I went elsewhere haha!!

On the way back we popped into the South West Vegan Festival which I was worried would be super busy but thankfully it wasn’t and we walked straight in! First things first; FOOD! We both got a chickpea curry with a samosa, it was so yummy and things always taste extra yummy when you’re starving!

After stuff our faces we strolled around the various stands, ate loads of tester chocolate, bought and halved a Bakewell slice and I got myself some soap ad a bath bomb. I used the bath bomb as soon as I got home yesterday and it was lush! Smelt amazing!

After that we headed home and I can’t even remember what I did… Bath bomb, ate more food, watched some Friends and played some Sims! Bosh!

Today (Sunday) me and the bae went for breakfast at the Harvester then we went for a long walk in the mud, any excuse to get my granny walking boots on! Felt good to go for a nice walk, feels like forever since I have done even though it was freezing! Started off nice and sunny but every now and then a dark cloud would appear and chuck hail down on us haha!! Weird weird weather!

Now I’m home, drinking tea listening to Evanescence! Trying very hard to not think about going to work tomorrow!!

Here are some photos I got over the weekend! Now time to play more of the Sims I think!


Man it feels good to have some me time! Do you ever just feel you don't have time to do anything, I genuinely feel like I don't actually have time for a job when I have so much more interesting stuff to do like blogging, yoga and running haha!!

For this post I want to tell you about a hand and nail product I've been using from Botanicals.

If you haven't read any of my previous posts about these guys, Botanicals are a natural, vegan, cruelty free brand that are all about plant based products and basically providing ethical products, if you'd like to find out more follow the link below:

I wouldn't exactly say I require any anti-aging treatment on my hands or nails but I do get quite dry hands and I have to admit I am one of those who bites the skin around their nails *heaves* so this stuff has helped me not only stop...kinda... but also my scabby hands seem to be healing a lot faster... 

I know what you're thinking but come on it's a hard habit to quit!

Anyway so this stuff if you ask me can be used as a just hand lotion, you don't have to just put it on your nails, I use quite heavy hand creams normally and this being an oil based product you'd think it would be a bit on the slimy side but it's actually not and a little really does go a long way!

I've been putting a drop on every cuticle and then rubbing it all in and my hands feel amazing, it soaks in right away and my hands even look better after haha!! Oh and obviously they smell lush too!!

It's made with rosehip oil, carrot oil, apricot kernel oil, evening primrose oil, frankincense, fennel and lavender essential oil so as you can imagine it smells so gooood!

If you're someone who is always using their hands or just get dry hands from doing nothing like me then this stuff will be great for you, even if it's just a now and then pamper.

To find out more about the product here is a link:

 *free sample but opinions are my own

 I love a fair I do! Especially one full of vegan goodies!

This was actually Frome's first ever vegan fair and I don't think they anticipated it being as popular as it was, busy is an understatement!

This is good though, it shows that veganism is growing and more and more people are showing an interest in a plant based diet! Not only that events like this share information about more than just food but also about cruelty free beauty and household products!

At the event today there was a whole mix of different stands, from cakes to jewellery, fashion items and olives, there was also talks, tasters, workshops, and kids activities.

There were also informative talks being ran as well for those looking to learn a little bit more about things such as the truth about meat and dairy industry.

I'm looking forward to the next one already which is in September, this literally feels like miles away but I'm sure it'll fly around!


I've been super excited for this post as this is honestly not only my favourite make up brand but also my favourite product from PHB.

"PHB Ethical Beauty is a pioneering British family business with a revolutionary range of award winning ethical beauty products."  

They sell natural, vegan, cruelty free & halal Certified beauty products. Their skin, hair & bodycare products are handmade in the UK and DO NOT test on animals. They are also palm oil free!

The powder itself is available in 6 shades, I go for the medium although I should probably get the light one but I like a bit of a tan on the face haha!

The best thing about this stuff is the fact it has SPF 30, I don't think prior to finding this I had seen a powder with SPF and I am a major worry wart when it comes to skin damage caused by the sun so this stuff is perfect for me...

The coverage is the best I've ever seen with a powder, I think this stuff would put a lot of full coverage liquid foundation to shame! I tend to wear it over my bb cream (also SPF of course) day to day but also on it's own if I'm in a rush, just want a bit of coverage or simply don't fancy slapping anything liquid and slimy on.

Another thing I realised is it lasts forever, I've only replaced mine once in a year... I know that sounds a bit mental but I'm serious!! The one I was using before from a different brand I was having to replace literally every 6 weeks or so... this one is cheaper and better :-P

I know this post sounds very salesy haha but I promise these are my honest opinions! The stuff is just so good, I have got my best friend using it too if you need confirmation ;-)

I would recommend this product to anyone to be honest, there isn't a skin type that wouldn't love this... It has SPF, it's all natural ingredients, amazing coverage and you get your moneys worth with how long it lasts!!

If you want to find out more click here.

Late last year I (when I say "I" I mean my boyfriend) put up a wall mural in our bedroom, a wall mural is basically wallpaper if you're like me and didn't know that before.

The mural itself is from Photowall, they are "a Swedish company with a passion for design and quality. Their wall murals and canvas prints are environmentally friendly, fire-retardant in accordance with Swedish standards and do not fade in sunlight. All motifs are selected with care."

As you can see from the photos the murals are pretty damn cool, I went with the image "In November Light". I've always liked the idea of making the bedroom forest themed because I just love walks through the woods and being in the great outdoors but there are 100's of images to chose from, it was a tough decision!

This has made me question the difference between a forest and the woods...some googling for after this post perhaps?

Anyway so it's all explained on their website but you measure up and enter the dimensions on the image you want and order it, that's about it really but if you don't have the equipment at home don't forget to order the little pack they provide!

And if you're like me and forget the paste...don't haha!

The mural itself comes nice and compact in one big roll where each strip numbered so you just cut off the strips, paste the wall and chuck it on the order of course... 

Simples!? Haha don't worry full instructions are provided!

I don't think I could have done this by myself purely because of the size of the strips and i'm quite short, but it was still pretty easy enough, the only thing me and my other half found tricky was lining up each strip but just take your time and it'll be fine.

Now the mural is up I love it, absolutely love it! It's now the stand out room in the house and it just makes it feel so cosy, I was worried it might make the room a little darker or feel small but it doesn't at all, it just looks amazing.

The only thing I do want to point out which isn't really a negative point but still worth mentioning is the quality of the image didn't seem that great when up close on the roll and I was worried it wouldn't look that good but thankfully when it was up and all together it looks great! So if you get one of these ad think this, don't worry, it'll look fine!

If you want to check PhotoWall out here is the link to their website -

They have also been kind enough to provide me with a 20% discount code valid until the end of Feb:

 *free sample but opinions are my own

New Year! New me!!


Happy New Year to all 2 of my readers’ haha! I want to share with you my 2017 in photos.

I've been on some amazing holidays and day trips, I've ran loads of events including my first half marathon! I have also had some shitty times like losing both my bunnies Misty and Marley, this was probably my all time low of the year!

But with this happening I've been blessed with a lovely little lady bun called Bella who I rescued from a local rescue who I now volunteer for.

After losing Misty and Marley I had a bit of a mid life crisis and got my first tattoo and since that one I have had another 3. 

Recently I have started yoga, registered as a blood donor and gave my first pint, so loads happened this year! And obviously I can't forget that it was last year in Feb I went vegan! 

So even though I don't really believe in New Year’s resolutions, I’m more of a "if you want to do it just do it kind of person" I do have some things I want to improve on...such as posting to my blog more often lol!

I also want to stick at yoga and really progress with it! I am looking forward to posting again in a year and telling you how much I’ve improved!

I also want to read more and drink more water! Very simple things but things I suck at sticking too!

So here is my 2017 in pictures....